ნატოს იაფი და მდგრადი გადაწყვეტილებები ინტერნაციონალურ დისტანციურ სწავლებაში (აიოვას სახელმწიფო უნივერსიტეტი, სტუ)


At the end of this project faculty in the Department of Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering (ABE), working with others on the ISU campus and at least one international partner university, will present the campus community workable templates for using distance educational methodologies to enhance their international activities.

Among the main ISU audiences likely to be interested in the results of this work are faculty and staff seeking extramural grant funding for educational and international development projects in developing countries and emerging democracies. The project focus is especially on ISU partners across the so-called ‘digital divide,’ especially those at rural branch campuses, research stations, and other community stakeholders in countries where such organizations have old computer equipment and inadequate – or nonexistent internet connections and technical support.


Recognizing the fact-of-life that international development organizations do not like to fund big budgets for equipment when they issue requests for proposals we will be especially interested in exploring options to provide ISU partner organizations low-cost and sustainable solutions that will make their participation in future grant proposals with ISU feasible. As shown in the attached plan of work, first the project team will survey successful distance education programs that ISU colleges have used with similar international audiences to date and then develop and test, with technical support from ISU’s Engineering Distance Education, at least 5 sample curriculum modules using the leading approaches. We also expect to get some modules using the same approach from our partner university during the grant period. The results of these experiments will be made available for use by people at ISU who need to show funding agencies alternative distance education modalities when seeking grant funds for new international programs.