მოთხოვნა ორი სპიკერის თაობაზე, რომლებიც საქართველოში ჩაატარებენ ლექციებს, სემინარებს და გასწევენ კონსულტაციას ინოვაციურ სწავლებაზე


Participants in the program, which is organized by Dr. Lali Ghogheliani, the Coordinator of Higher Education reform at Georgian Technical University, will include three main groups. 1)a group of 30+ teachers who have started to meet together to design a professional development program for teachers from the main Tbilisi-based universities; 2)teachers and administrators at the new community colleges being established by the Ministry of Education and Science, in Gori and Chiatura, respectively; 3)officials at each university who are charged with establishing and/or strengthening Teaching and Learning Centers at their institution; and, 4)senior officials at the Ministry of Education and Science, and teachers and administrators from the first two Georgian community colleges, in Gori and Chiatura, which is being set up with advice from a consortium of American colleges and universities. The work of the speakers, Dr. Howard Shapiro of Wayne State University, and Dr. Monica Devanas of Rutgers University, is known to Dr. Ghogheliani from her participation in a National Science Foundation-funded partnership jointly organized with GTU’s main U.S. partner, Dr. Ardith Maney, Iowa State University and Community Colleges for International Development (CCID). The proposed program also supports the curriculum development activities to be done before the first Georgian community colleges due to open their doors in October, 2007.