Home პროექტები მიმდინარე პროექტები შრომის ბაზრის კვლევა შიდა ქართლის რეგიონში.
შრომის ბაზრის კვლევა შიდა ქართლის რეგიონში.

The aim of research was to investigate the vocational professions that are needed for Shida Kartli region in the various construction fields.

To investigate important aspects of the human resources’ needs of active construction companies in the Shida Kartli region:

  • Companies’ current human resources’ situation
  • Dynamics of qualitative and quantitative changes in human resources
  • Attitudes of construction companies to the existing vocational education system
  • Which professions are currently needed by the companies
  • Companies’ point of view about future needs for professional specialties

Two methods of research were undertaken and the results combined:

Qualitative method - cabinet study and focus group research

Quantitative – analysis of organisations