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უმაღლესი განათლების პროგრამა განვითარებისათვის.
The goal of that project is to adapt the workforce education model used in technical curricula by member colleges of Community Colleges for International Development, Inc. (CCID), to the needs of the new higher education system being put in place in Georgia. The reasons why Georgia business and industry need well-educated technical specialists with up-to-date workforce knowledge and skills are the same as in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and other emerging democracies i.e., to compete in a global economy.


Higher education programs addressing economic development needs of Georgia’s regions also assist students to build careers in their home regions, strengthen small and medium enterprise development, support sustainable regional economic development, and contribute to civic engagement. Because the Georgian government has higher education reform as a priority, CCID’s work in Georgia needs to be set in the context of the higher professional education, i.e., workforce education initiatives underway in the country. The main partners in the HED project, which continues until September 2009, are Muscatine Community College (Iowa), the Georgian Ministry of Education and Science (MES), Georgian Technical University (GTU), and CCID. The project also receives active support from Moraine Valley Community College (Illinois), Waukesha County Technical College (Wisconsin), Selkirk College (British Columbia), and several European CCID member colleges.