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Besides down-sizing the country's university population, reform in basic and secondary education is going forward under MES' Ilia Chavchavadze Project for Georgia Educational Reform. In concurrence with EU schemes mandating workforce and professional education, a new form of higher education is being phased in during the next decade which will result, in educational services for school-leavers and high school graduates in 12 regional community colleges. Because the community college model is not known in Georgia, Georgian Technical University (GTU), Muscatine Community College (MCC), and Community Colleges for International Development, Inc. (CCID) have been asked by Minister Lomaia to provide curriculum expertise and technical assistance. This HED proposal concentrates on the first initiative to be undertaken, the establishment of Gori Community College.Although education also builds human capacity and enhances human development, the project team's work responds to USAID-Georgia's objective of support for private enterprise. Our project goal is to assist sustainable economic development in Georgia's regions through establishment of a community college which will provide professional education, re-training, workforce and economic development services. We expect this work to yield the following results by the end of the HED grant in September 2009: 1)10+ trained curriculum developers and teacher trainers at GTU; 2)3 degree programs, each with 25+ courses & curriculum materials in English & Georgian; 3)20+ teachers working in the Gori college after re-training in new subjects and pedagogical approaches; 4)a continuing partnership between Gori & Muscatine Community College; 5)new knowledge and skills for 20+ American college teachers; 6)career services for Gori college students, also disseminated in Gori district high schools; 7)re-training & workforce development services offered to Gori employers & un/under-employed people; 8)an innovative governance system linking the college with MES & other stakeholders; 9)an implementation plan for MES to set up community colleges in all Georgian regions; 10)entrance and exit standards so that graduates can succeed in the local labor market; ll)an articulation process linking Gori Community College (GCC) to Georgia's reformed university system; and 12)MES accreditation of the Gori college.