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აკრედიტაციის სისტემის განვითარება საქართველოს უნივერსიტეტებთან. (TEMPUS Tacis grant, GTU, GSAU)


This project assists GTU teachers to apply new teaching methodologies in their classes in order to prepare bachelors,’ masters,’ and PhD students as active citizens and for careers as self-learners in Georgia’s changing workplaces. Prof. Lali Ghogheliani,coordinator of Higher Education & Science Reforms at GTU, and Ardith Maney, Professor of Public Administration and Women’s Studies at Iowa State University, will recruit a small group of experienced higher education teachers at GTU at other Georgian universities to develop and deliver a program of intensive professional development courses about innovative learning and teaching aimed at common subjects across the curriculum, i.e., needed for effective teaching in all specialties.

The ultimate objective is to institutionalize a curriculum for teachers which can be offered by the team of teacher trainers in a 2-3 week intensive format on a regular format. To do this Ghogheliani and Maney will coordinate the following activities starting in August 2006 and continuing through June, 2007:

collect information about innovative pedagogies and research on best practices from teachers in Georgia and other countries using active learning pedagogies in their classes;

receive practical advice from Georgian and American “master teachers” who use the new approaches;

adapt these curriculum materials to Georgia’s changing higher education environment;

pilot the training program for approximately 15 teachers; and make changes as needed based on feedback from teachers, students, and university partners.