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პირველი წლის კურიკულუმისა და სახელმძღვანელოების თარგმნა-ადაპტაცია და გამოქვეყნება პროფესიული ცენტრებისათვის (MES, CCID USA, GTU-GEO).
 which reasoned reduction of training of specialists with appropriate qualifications.Nowadays a lot of attention is paid to the problems of professional education and retraining of the population. One of the goals of the Professional Education Reform, which is carried out by the Ministry of Education and Science (MES) of Georgia, is to prepare/train fully qualified professionals that are oriented on market. In this regard, it is urgent to established the new type so called “Community Collages”, which will prepare/train specialists with eminent qualification in different fields taking into consideration the needs of the community (area, region). Under an initiative of the MES, three community collages will be founded in Akhalkalaki, Gori and Chiatura. This will serve as a basis for establishment and development of the essential community collage system iin our country. In year 2006 a memorandum of understanding was signed between MES and the Association of American and Canadian Collages (from Gio: she means CCID), which contributed to commence following projects in September 2006 under the collective agreement (12.11.06, 26.09.2006) between Georgian Technical University and mentioned association:
1. “First Community Collages in Georgia” – financed by USAID (USA) (3 years);
2. “Higher Professional Education – Catalyst of Economy – financed by ACCC    (Canada) (4 years).
The goal of the projects is to establish the first American-Canadian type 3-year community collage in Gori. Within the framework of the project the foreign partners will create curriculums,syllabuses and textbooks for the specialties chosen by the local community of Gori in English language. They will also conduct trainings to retrain the teachers (designing curriculums and syllabuses, modern methodologies for teaching and assessment, establishment of the career center, techniques for studying employment market, ways of searching funding resources, etc.)     According to the project, an engagement of Georgian side is to conduct study in conformity of the curriculums, textbooks and methodologies offered by the foreign Translation-Adaptation & Publication of the First Year Curriculums &Textbooks for the Professional Centers of Akhalkalaki, Gori & Chiatura Georgian Technical University 2 partners. But there is a serious challenge that is connected with the necessity of translation and adaptation of the materials in Georgian language. The last can not be implemented because of a simple cause – the project does not consider this kind of expenses. Foreign and Georgian coordinators of the project repeatedly mentioned this circumstance during their meetings.