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Subjects for higher Professional Education In the Specialty of Business Administration

For GTU, Gori, Tsnori and Akhalkhalaki Universities

I Course Textbooks II Course Textbooks III Course Textbooks

Business math

Environment and Sustainable development          

Small business

Career planning & decision-making

Modern business

Interpersonal communications

Business and professional English I

Business and professional English II

Effective business writing

Introduction to Microcomputing

Microcomputing applications

Human relations
















Business and Professional English Part III

Business and Professional English Part IV

Human Resource Management

Constructions I

Constructions II

Constructions III

Applied Computer Programs I

MS Project, MS FrontPage

Applied Computer Programs II


Fundamentals of Economic

Economic of Building

Business Planning

Mathematics for Business II


Customer service principles

Construction project organization and management

Project Management

Fundamentals of Accounting

Modern Drafting

Special Events Planning

Introduction in Tourism

General Management

Manager’s Skills

Construction Materials



General Entrepreneurship

Hotel Management

Principles of Auditing

Business Law



Fundamentals of Marketing

Construction Management

Financial Management

Engineering Mechanics

Restaurant Management

Mathematics for Business

Supervision in Construction and Safety

Supervision in Small Business

Supervision in Hotel, Restaurant and Special Event Planning

Internship in Hotel and Restaurant Management Specialty

Internship in Small Business Administration Specialty

Internship in Construction Specialty

Business English

Special English I

Special English II

Special English III