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- 2003, June 9-12, Tbilisi, Sigma Xi – IWISE - Sigma Xi-Georgia Workshop “Gaining Knowledge and Skills Needed for Scientific Communication and Collaboration”. Dr. Christine Piggee (Sigma Xi, the Scientific Research Society, USA), ) Prof. Ardith Maney {International Women in Science & Engineering (IWISE), Iowa State University, USA), Prof.. Ia Zhvania, Dr. Nana Japaridze, Prof. Lali Gogeliani (Sigma Xi –Ge) jointly planned and organized  an international workshop in Tbilisi, Georgia, in June 2003 with the support and sponsorship given by the following organizations (listed alphabetically):
Civilian Research and Development Foundation (CRDF), Arlington, VA, USA
Georgian Academy of Sciences, Tbilisi
Georgian Research and Development Foundation (GRDF), Tbilisi
Georgian Technical University, Tbilisi
I. Beritashvili Institute of Physiology, Georgian Academy of Sciences
International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications (INASP), Oxford, UK
International Women in Science & Engineering (IWISE), Ames, Iowa, USA
Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa, USA
National Academy of Sciences, Washington, DC, USA
National Foundation of Science and Advanced Technology (NFSAT), Yerevan,
Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society, Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, USA
Sigma Xi Georgia, Tbilisi
" Women in a Changing World", Georgian NGO

Workshop topics have been designed to address interests of working scientific researchers and Universities’ academicians. They include information about Sigma Xi book/journal donation programs and research resources used by ISU and other US universities, including full-text online publications. Also included will be information about Internet access, gateways/directories, other online publication resources, scientific databases and specialized search engines; scientific equipment donation or refurbishing, research and study opportunities abroad. Also some interactive sessions were conducted on science in universities and research institutes, about new methodologies of teaching and learning, also on issues of science and distance communication, including electronic journals, electronic conferences, and electronic lectures; preparing manuscripts for international publications; and reports on innovative scientific work in Georgian universities and research institutes.

- 2003, June 9, Tbilisi - IWISE leadership training. With the assistance of Ia Zhvania, Nana Japaridze, (Institute of Physiology) Lali Ghogheliani (Georgian Technical University) IWISE director Ardith Maney has conducted an international leadership seminar at the I.Beritashvili Institute of Physiology. Invited participants were academicians, administrators, and researchers from a wide variety of institutions and universities in Tbilisi and other Georgian cities, and from Yerevan, Armenia. At the conclusion, participants discussed the formation of the first local chapter of IWISE.

- 2003 August 8-12, Santa Clara University, California, USA. Ia Zhvania, Lali Ghogheliani and Nana Japaridze participated in the SENCER (Science Education for New Civic Engagements and Responsibilities) Summer Institute with the external support from both Sigma Xi - IWISE and the National Science Foundation. The SENCER Summer Institutes (SSI) is annual, invitational, intensive, residential, team-based learning opportunities for faculty, academic leaders and students.

The Institutes represent the cornerstones of SENCER’s faculty development and academic reform program. The Institutes feature a rich mix of plenaries, workshops, and concurrent sessions that focus not only on what students should learn, but how that learning might best be accomplished (www.sencer.net ).

- 2003 August 13-16 visit to the Iowa State University. Ia Zhvania, Nana Japaridze and Lali Gogeliani visited Iowa State University with IWISE co-director Ardith Money. They have meetings with:

  • Howard Shapiro – the ISU Provost;
  • The represent abilities of the Department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering – Dr. Ramesh Kanwar and Dr. Roy Gu;
  • The represent abilities of Animal Sciences Distinguished professor – Lloyd Anderson;
  • Sigma Xi ISU members.

- 2003 October, IWISE co-director Prof. Ardith Money visited Georgia. Together with Lali Gogeliani, Ia Zhvania and Nana Japaridze Ardith Money had the round trip in the regions of Georgia (Kartli, Kacheti, and Javakheti) to explore the directions of high education development.

- 2004 June, National Science Foundation Project in Georgia. Ardith Maney and Karen Oates, the SENCER co-principal investigator, and SENCER Senior Associate Amy Schlacter of Santa Clara University, delivered a workshop on the work planned for the SENCER-Ge program. Georgian colleagues Nana Japaridze, Ia Zhvania, and Lali Ghogheliani, with the American colleagues prepared the three-person teams from each university for their visit at the SENCER Summer Institute in August 2004. Karen Oates, Ardith Money and Amy Shachter met with faculty from the I. Beritashvili Institute of Physiology and the Georgian Technical University. IWISE and SENCER (Science Education for New Civic Engagements and Responsibilities) project, have started a two-year science education program with Georgian partners - Georgian Technical University, Tbilisi State University, and the Georgian State Medical University.

- 2004, August SSI-04 The Republic of Georgia Georgian Technical, Tbilisi State and the Medical State Universities’ teams participated in the SENCER Summer Institute in August 2004 Since these are the largest universities in the country, their effort to introduce innovative methods of science education and information about civic engagement into the undergraduate curricula tremendous potential to influence science education in this country. After the SENCER meeting, members of each team visited an American university where they will collaborate with U.S. colleagues in the next phases of our SENCER-Ge project. The teams and their U.S. partners are as follows: Tbilisi State University (Butsiko Chkhartishvili, Erekele Astakhishvili, and Nana Japaridze) worked with Santa Clara University, the Medical State University team (Nani Eristavi, Nugzar Narsia, and Ia Zhvania)

Worked with George Mason University, and the GTU team (Giorgi Chighladze, Lali Ghogheliani, and Otar Zumburidze) worked with Iowa State University.