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Home Administrative Advisory Board
Advisory Board


Prangishvili Archil, Rector of Georgian Technical University

Motsonelidze Archil, Former  Rector of Georgian Technical University

Klimiashvili Levan, Vice-Rector of Georgian Technical University

Zumburidze Otar, Head of Department of International Relations and Standard Office of Georgian Technical University



Deans from GTU`s faculties:

Faculty of Civil Engineering; Prof. Zurab Gedenidze

Faculty of  Energetic and Telecommunication; Prof. Gia Arabidze

Faculty of  Mining; Prof. Anzor Abshilava

Faculty of  Chemical Technologies and Metallurgy Prof. Nugzar Tsereteli

Faculty of  Transportation and Mechanical Engineering Prof. Otar Gelashvili

Faculty of  Architecture, Urbanism and Design Prof. Gocha Mikiashvili

Faculty of  Humanitarian Prof. Rusudan Kutateladze

Faculty of  Informatics and  Management Systems Prof. Zurab Tsveraidze


Representatives from Georgian Business and Industry