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Teaching and Learning


These Trainings were provided for following educational institutions teachers:

Gori Community College, Batumi Maritine College, Rustavi Metallurgy College, Tbilisi State University, Tbilisi State Medical University, Black Sea University, Akhalkhalakhi University, Cnori University, Gori University, LTD "Anri" - Marine College, Akhalcikhe University,


Getting Results Mary Lou Lauer (USA)
Teaching, Learning and Assessing Mary Lou Lauer (USA)
Community Colleges Mary Lou Lauer (USA)
The Importance of Understanding Students Learning Style Steven Mickelson (USA)
Learning Communities Steven Mickelson (USA)
An Approach Based on Competencies Steven Mickelson (USA)
ABET is Coming! Steven Mickelson (USA)
Developing Curricula for Community Colleges Ardith Maney (USA)
Training of Scientists and Engineers in Leadership in Professional and Social Fields Ardith Maney (USA)
Changes and Leadership in Universities Ardith Maney (USA)
Teacher/Student Eventure: Aplication of New Methodologies in Lectures Ardith Maney (USA)
American Post-secondary Education Today Ardith Maney (USA)
Teaching and Learning Center, what does it Means Ardith Maney (USA)
Bloom’s Taxonomy Alexander Davitashvili (Georgia)
Learning Styles Alexander Davitashvili (Georgia)
Recommendations form UN and UNESCO about High Education Qualifications Otar Zumburidze (Georgia)
Teaching and Learning Centres Lali Ghogheliani (Georgia)
Memory and Learning Butsiko Chkhartishvili (Georgia)
Assessment forms and Methods Butsiko Chkhartishvili (Georgia)
Problem-based Teaching and Learning Wade Miller (USA)
Syllabus Development Nikoloz Abzianidze (Georgia)
Curriculum Development for Engineering Specialities Lali Ghogheliani (Georgia)
The Role of Communications in Society Lena Shatakishvili, 
Bela Bestavashvili (Georgia)
Carrier Planning Skills T. Tsertsvadze, N.Japaridze (Georgia)
Modern Methods in Teaching English Barbara Matthies (USA)
Difficult Behaviours M.Chichinadze (Georgia)
Curriculum Development Lali Bakradze (Georgia)
Tunning Lali Bakradze (Georgia)
Quality Assurance Lika Glonty (Georgia)
Tablet PC technology Joe Monahan (USA)
Working in Internet and Managing E-mail Alexander Davitashvili (Georgia)
Economic Development in Canada Giuseppe Liberatore (Canada)
Global Strategy Giuseppe Liberatore (Canada)
Global Branding Giuseppe Liberatore (Canada)
Small Business in Agriculture Wade Miller (USA)
Business Administration in Small Construction Company Alex Simpson (Canada)
Innovations in the Leading Student’s Internship Birde Berg (Denmark)
Working with MS Project Alexander Davitashvili (Georgia)
Working with AutoCad Murman Kublashvili (Georgia)
Working with PowerPoint Alexander Davitashvili (Georgia)
Modern Methods in Teaching Math Nino Chechelashvili (Georgia)
Science Education for New Civic Engagement and Responsibilities Karen Kashmanian Oates (USA)
Correspondence of Sencer Model for Modern and Prospective Bachelor Education Karen Kashmanian Oates (USA)
Structural Reforms for Supporting of Innovations Karen Kashmanian Oates (USA)
Teaching in a SENCER Courses Amy Shachter (USA)
Implications of Learning Research for Teaching Science to Non-Science Majors Eugenia Etkina, Jose P. Mestre (USA)
Does Students Learn what we Teach? Stiven Freeman (USA)
Utilisation of Lecture Time and Methods of Assessment Stiven Freeman (USA)
Student-Oriented Teaching Stiven Freeman (USA)
Applying the seven principles for good practice in undergraduate education Stiven Freeman (USA)
The Aims of Teaching and Learning Center Georg Chigladze (USA)
Focusing on Learning Instead of Teaching David L Tauck (USA)