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ISU and GTU Partnership Program

Trainings in T&L to Agrarian Teachers

Gori Teacher Presentation

Gori University Students Actions

Gori CC Students Field work

PR Actions in High Schools

Gori CC Student Sport Events

Georgian project members visit to Canada

Patricia Cairs visit to Georgia

Canadian Project Members visit to Georgia

Seminars held in CPDCS GTU for Gori, Cnori and Akhalkhalaki Univeristy teachers

Pictures taken after military actions in Gori

Meeting of Authors and teachers of II year Textbooks for Gori Community College

Awarding Teachers with Certificates in MES

Textbook presentation in CPDSEC

Markus Granius Visit to CPDSEC

Seminars Provided by Steven Mickelson and Joe Monahan in Gori CC

Wade Miller seminar in Gori Community College for Teachers and Students

S. Mickelson and J. Monahan Visit to Georgia

Steven K Mickelsons visit in Gori University and meeting with rector Z. Cotniashvili

U.S. Visitors Trip to Gori. Meeting with Gori University Rector,

Wade Miller Seminar in Tbilisi

The agreement between some bussines representatives and GTU

Category 342

Gori Community College Open day

Meeting With Ministry of Education and Science about New GPS devices Bought by Scientific Funding

Energetics Meeting In Gallery About Energy Sources

Lali Baqradze Seminar about

Trainings provided in CETL for Batumi Teachers

Trainings Provided in Cetl for Gori Teachers

Academic Meeting

Opening Community College In Gori.

First Course Subjects Textbooks Presentation, 2-9.07

Professional development - Program Presentation in Construction Management. 06.2007

Seminars for various university Teachers by Rhys Andrews 06.2007

Seminars for various university students by Rhys Andrews 06.2007

SENCER for Development TLC 23.02.2007.

Provision Stages of Program Accreditation 05.2007

MAry lou Lawer and Ed Stossels Trip and Seminars

teacher Training Provided by MES. Held in Gallery, Photo review

CIDA Conference, Ottava, 2006.

USAID organized Meeting at Gallery

USA Summer School 2005, Photo Review

TSU TLC 2004